Favorite Things - Spring 2017

Here's a few things that I'm loving this spring.


Becca recently turned me on to a brand of office supplies called POPPIN. If you love Ikea and keeping your desk organized... check it out (I really love their pens). 

This Commuter Briefcase from TOPO DESIGNS has been the best for work, travel, and everything in between. 



Lately my breakfast of choice has been old school: Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Yep. Add one packet of Splenda and a dash of cinnamon for a hint of sweetness. 

Anyone else love queso? I recently discovered this Queso Blanco from Herdez at my local grocery store and it has changed my life. Grab your favorite tortilla chips and I dare you not to eat the entire jar!



I subscribe to the mailing list from CROSSWAY (publisher known best for the ESV Bible). Two or three times a week they send an article to my inbox. They're quick reads and almost always really great.

The reading plans on the Bible App have become my go-to source for personal Bible study. As a pastor and seminary student, I spend many hours each week in the Bible, but I still like to set aside time to read on my own without having to prepare a sermon or paper.



I'm a big fan of Huckberry, and they made our rainy days in Dublin and Edinburgh this spring way better by turning me on to Blunt Umbrellas and this awesome jacket from K-Way. The rainy month of April in Nashville was no match for my new rain gear. 



I stayed away for as long as I could, but I'm officially addicted to BITMOJI. It's just so much fun! Becca and I probably send 10-15 to each other every day. 

Tim Wildsmith