Favorite Things – Summer 2018

Here's a few things that I'm loving this summer...


I logged 36 days "on the road" during June and July this year, and one of the things I love the most about traveling is that it lets me use all of my favorite gear from TOPO DESIGNS. This year I added a set of these Accessory Bags as well as a couple of these Pack Bags to my collection, and they made it a ton easier to keep my things organized while traveling.

For air travel, I'm a big fan of Hipmunk.com and their option to sort flights by "Least Agony."



If you make it to Nashville, check out this fun little burger joint called Hugh Baby's.

Speaking of burgers, I had a terrific one in Lisbon this summer at the Timeout Market (along with a ton of other incredible food). We discovered this place from an episode of "Somebody Feed Phil" on Netflix and went there twice in one day. INCREDIBLE.



I read You Are What You Love by James K.A. Smith during the spring quarter of seminary, and it was really solid. 

This reading plan on the Bible App called "Soul Rest" was very simple and quick to do every day for a week, but it really helped me think about rest and sabbath as I prepared to go on vacation.



My diminishing hairline has driven an interest in hats, and this summer the Glendale Cap from Herschel Supply Company became my main accessory.

After losing my prescription Ray-Bans in San Diego, I went to see the awesome folks at Warby Parker in Nashville and they helped me find a great new pair of prescription shades that didn't break the bank.



My favorite podcast, The Tony Kornheiser Show, goes on hiatus during the summer... so that gives me an opportunity to find new shows and catch up on old favorites. NPR's How I Built This is a great one to check out. I've also enjoyed a few episodes of The Rewatchables (this one tends to have some language, so listen alone or with headphones!). 



I just discovered this company called Greenery:NYC that makes desktop plants. Very cool.

It's always good to have an extra iPhone cable lying around, and this cheap one from Amazon has served me well for the past few months.

Tim Wildsmith