Hope in Haiti

The Joseph School property in Haiti.

The Joseph School property in Haiti.

A couple of years ago the Haitian government gave this piece of land to The Joseph School. It’s large piece of land on the slope of a small mountain in a town called Cabaret. If you look at the top of that small mountain you’ll see a structure. This structure is a home that was built by Baby Doc, former president of Haiti. His father, Papa Doc, renamed the town of Cabaret after himself when he was in power. When Baby Doc was overthrown by a popular uprising in 1986, the people renamed the town Cabaret.

We’ve been told differing stories about this house on this piece of land in Cabaret. Some say it’s where Baby Doc brought his mistresses. Others say it’s where political prisoners were brought to be tortured. Either way, we know that the regimes of Papa Doc and Baby Doc were responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of people, and hundreds of thousands of people fled the country during their time in power. It was a dreadful time for the people of Haiti.

Imagine being in Cabaret during that time.
Imagine being on that land or in that house.
It was a place of hopelessness and despair. 

But I stood on top of that small mountain last Tuesday morning. I stood inside that house. And when I looked out over that land I saw the foundations of a school being built. A school that aims to raise up new leaders for Haiti’s future. And this school operates under the banner of Jesus.

What was once a place of terror and despair, is now a place of hope.

Through Jesus, all things are being redeemed. All things are being made new.

Tim Wildsmith