I’m a list guy.

Grocery lists... To-do lists... People I Need to Call lists.... Guitars I Want to Buy lists... You name it, I’ll list it. So it’s no surprise that several years ago I wrote down a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 35. It was a Life list, if you will. 

Well... I'm turning 35 in a few days, and while some of the items on my list have been checked off, several of them have not. I started thinking about that list a few weeks ago, and my instinct was to feel like a failure.

But then I started to think about all that has happened in my life since I made that list. I started thinking about how much I have changed and grown. I realized that my list today would look much different than that list I made all those years ago.

And you know what... I’m glad I didn’t finish that list. 

Lists are good when you need to get things done. So I’ll keep making to-do lists. But I’m done making life lists, because I know that the plans I make for myself will only hold me back from enjoying the journey and allowing God to lead me somewhere that my list might not have the creativity or the courage to take me. 

Tim Wildsmith