Recommended Artist: Makoto Fujimura

“We are created for love; and love is creative." 
Makoto Fujimura

I’ve always considered myself appreciative and respectful of visual art, but I have never counted it as a passion. I’m married to an artist. I have friends who are artists. I’ve been to many a museum and art show. But if I’m completely honest, I’ve never connected with a painting in any sort of significant way - at least not like I have with music or films.

So imagine my surprise when, in the spring of 2011, I found myself captivated by the group of paintings in Makoto Fujimura’s The Four Holy Gospels project (a friend sent me this link).

I was immediately drawn in. 
I was inspired. 
These paintings resonated within me.

To try explaining my connection to them would complicate what is simple and beautiful. I know you’ve felt that before. The inexplicable "it” that draws you to something or someone. You don’t control it or allow it to happen. It just does.

I’m grateful that my friend shared that link with me. A few weeks later my girlfriend bought me a copy of The Four Holy Gospels. A few months after that I asked her to marry me while standing in front of the original frontispieces and letter paintings as they were on display at the Museum of Biblical Art in Manhattan.

I don’t know Mr. Fujimura personally (though I have met him once), but as I’ve explored his other works and writings I’ve been continually encouraged and inspired. He creates with love and hope, opening the door for the world that ought to be.

Click here to learn more about Makoto Fujimura.

Tim Wildsmith