I have the privilege of being a contributor for an incredible website called Download Youth Ministry.  Created by student ministry legends Doug Fields and Josh Griffin, DYM is a website that provides youth workers with access to high-quality, easy to use, and affordable resources.  Whether you're looking for solid teaching content, hilarious games, small group curriculum, or parent resources... DYM literally has it all. Listed below are a few of my resources that are available.


JUST DO THIS. is a teaching manuscript and small group guide based on Micah 6:8 that shows students how our response to what God has done for us should be to do justice, love mercy, and walk in humility. It includes a complete and editable teaching manuscript with high-resolution graphics, small group discussion questions, and social media integration for Facebook and Instagram.


THIS + THAT is a ridiculously fun word game that I created with Becca in which the words of common terms are combined to form a new phrase. Contestants must decipher the clues on the screen to come up with the correct answer. It's like the "Before & After" clues from Wheel of Fortune on steroids!

HIPSTERGRAMS is a ready-to-use image pack that features awesome photos (mostly of young people) paired with Scripture and inspirational quotes. These high-res images are perfect for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Each volume contains ten (10) scripture images and three (3) inspirational quotes. Several editions available... including one for each season!



I've probably sent more time studying Jesus' parable of the father and his two sons in Luke 15 than any other passage in the Bible. It's a powerful tale that resonates in our current culture, and challenges non-Christians and Christians alike. PRODIGALS is a two-week series on this parable that includes teaching manuscripts with high-resolution graphics, small group discussion questions, and social media integration. 


CROWD CHARADES flips the classic game of charades on its head and gets your entire crowd involved. Choose two contestants (or more) to come to the stage and have them compete to see who can guess the answer as the ENTIRE audience acts it out. Encourage the crowd to work together and watch as hilarity ensues! I created several editions (including holidays) of this game because my students love it so much!


PROJECT SERVE is an event resource designed to help you have a winning service project that teaches your students that "big things happen when you serve small." This resource does the leg work with an event overview, t-shirt design, graphics, teaching content, and small group guide. All you need to do is to line up a service partner organization in your area!



DO LIFE TOGETHER is a one-off message and small group guide about the importance of "gospel community" that shows students how much we need each other. Great for setting the tone at the beginning of a new year or when launching new small groups, this resource includes a message manuscript utilizing Scriptures from Acts, Hebrews, and 1 Corinthians, a small group guide, graphics, and social media content.


Do you have trouble telling the difference between all of the famous guys named Chris in these super hero movies? Are you convinced that they were all made in a factory that produces 30-something action heroes with great hair and stubble? CHRIS-CROSSED is the perfect game for you! It will help you tell the difference between Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans with fun and challenging multiple choice questions that your crowd will love!


LENT: Giving Up & Taking Up is a one-off lesson and small group study that helps students discover what Lent is, why people observe it, and how they can incorporate it into their lives. The message looks at the definition and history of Lent and helps students understand the real meaning of it. Then it offers practical ways to observe Lent by giving up or taking up certain things in our lives. The small group guide helps leaders discuss this with students and make a plan to follow through.